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Digital School 

Introduction  The world is witnessing massive efforts to respond to the learning crisis and the shocks felt across the education system. Alternative solutions, especially digital learning and home-based learning have gained more ground in all countries and created a reimagined method for learning systems. The emergence of digital schools marks a transformative shift in education, …

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Monitoring and Evaluation Plan 

Introduction  In pursuit of meaningful and lasting impacts, organizations and projects often find themselves navigating a complex landscape. This journey from conception to implementation can be fraught with uncertainties and challenges that demand constant adaptation. This is where Monitoring and Evaluation plans emerge as indispensable tools. M&E plans provide a structured framework for systematically assessing …

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Strategy Advisory

Introduction  In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the need for strategic advisory services has never been more crucial. The complexities and uncertainties of the modern market demand insightful guidance to navigate challenges and seize opportunities effectively. It is within this context that Altamont Group emerges as a distinguished advisory and investment firm, poised to provide …

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